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Finanace & General Purpose Committee - responsibilities

Responsible Financial Officer - To appoint the RFO to oversee the Council’s financial affairs (Normally the Clerk)
Risk Assessment Policy - To review annually the Council’s Risk Assessment and ensure compliance.
Delegated powers to the Clerk - To recommend to the Full Council as thought appropriate
Review rental agreements e.g. for Crown car park, Penn St school field, allotments, and garden plots
Council’s staff levels - To monitor, review and recommend on all matters relating to the, emoluments and conditions of service
Grants and donations - To recommend
Annual budgets and precepts - To prepare and recommend.  Also review half-yearly position as at 30 September.
Other Committee’s expenditure - To consider and make recommendations to the Full Council
Financial controls - To ensure adequateare in place to utilise and protect the Council’s finances and assets
Capital Projects - To make provision for agreed and monitor the purchase of all capital items
Internal and external audit - To monitor and effect compliance with annualrecommendations
Council’s property and resources - To ensure the best use and up keep of the
Financial Regulations - To review annually the Council’s regulations and ensure compliance    

Annual Returns

Copies of the annual accounts are available from Penn Parish Council on application to the Clerk on payment of £1 for each copy of the Annual Governmance and Accountability Return.

Annual Return 2021/22, p1 p2 p3 p4 and p5 plus Notice of Electors' Rights

Annual Return 2020/21, Sections 1-2 and 3 plus audit completion

Annual Return 2019/20, Sections 1-2 and 3 plus audit completion

Annual Return 2018/19, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5 and audit completion

Annual Return 2017/18 and audit completion

Annual Return 2016/17

Annual Return 2015/16

Annual Return 2014/15