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Footpath Lighting

The Council provides footpath lighting in various areas of the parish. The locations are mainly histrorical when new areas were developed, hence there is no pattern.


Winchmore Hill

Tylers Green

Knotty Green

Forty Green

Defect Reporting

To report a defective footpath light, complete online form, click HERE or telephone on 01494 815458

For all other lighting click HERE

Light Replacement Program

Many units are of an old standard, which consume a high level of electricity. In addition all lights remain on all night.

Following a review and a costing study a decision has been made to:

Replace 40 most inefficient units with low watt ones together with photocells

Replace 110 photo cells with dusk to 12 night and 5.30am to dawn cells

Have rolling replacement program for other units when they are required to be replaced

It is anticipated that these measures although requiring a capital investment will result in considerable savings over the years and also have a benificial environmental effect