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Parish office closed from 18th-21st February 2020 inclusive

Penn Parish Council is closed owing to a family bereavement and will re-open on Monday 25th February at 9.30am.

Proposed renovation of Knotty Green Play Area, Knotty Green

Penn Parish Council is consulting on the replacement of the wet-pour surfaces under the super-nova unit and in the junior play area. Penn Parish Council invites tenders from play equipment companies for the replacement scheme before 6 March 2020. Interested parties should contact the Clerk to the Council on or by calling 01494-815458.

Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL comes into effect for planning permissions granted after 17 February 2020. The money raised will be used to fund infrstructure projects. A portion will go to the Parish to be spent on local priorities. Broadly, it will be charged on most new houses and extensions at the rate of £150/sqm, though there are exceptions for social housing developments and self-build and a lower rate for businesses. So for a new 100sqm house or extension the CIL charge will be £15,000. Where CIL is less than £200,000 it is payable 60 days after work starts, where it is more than £200,000 it is payable in 4 equal instalments. Forms and an excel calculator tool are available online from Chiltern District Council.

Proposed Parking Scheme in Penn and Penn Street - Restrictions planned on various roads

The consulation period closed on 14 January 2020. Transport for Bucks is considering the responses and we are told this will take two months.

Buckinghamshire Council, announces new Community Boards

Penn Parish will be part of the Beaconsfield Chepping Wye Community Board it has been announced. The first Community Board meeting will take place in June/July 2020. Meeting dates have yet to be announced.

Penn Parish Council comments on emerging Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' Local Plan 2036

Penn Parish Council says the Local Plan 2036 is a 'hobson's choice' and proposals for Green Belt release at Holmer Green, Green Belt boundary changes and infill develeopment have not been properly consulted on. Procedural irregularities mean it should be re-submitted following proper consultation, or otherwise special weight given to comments to address the deficits. Click here

Penn Parish Council comments on emerging Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' Local Plan

Penn Parish Council has commented in advance of both Council's consideration for publication of the Local Development Scheme (LDS), April 2019-March 2022, dated April 2019.

Freedom of Information

Minutes of the main meetings are available from Meetings page of this site. Additional records are available via the Parish Clerk. Click HERE to email in the first instance