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14 Oct - Parish office closed, Thursday 15 October

The Parish office will be closed on Thursday 15 October and re-open again on Friday 16th October at 9.30am. In case of emergencies please phone the Clerk on mobile 07429 204 533

28 Sept - Proposed phone mast for Penn Street

The Parish Council wishes to hear the views of residents in Penn Street and Winchmore Hill on a proposed new phone mast in Penn Street. Councillors would specifically like to hear from any resients who would like to see the conectivity in the village improved, as well as those who are concerned, so they get a balanced view of local opinions. The letter from the developers Galliford Try is available here.

17 July - Parish Council response to the Amersham Parking Review

1. The Parish Council found in favour of the proposed measures at Penn Street. 2. The Parish Council found in favour of the proposed measures at Coppice Farm Road. 3. The Parish Council partially supported the measures proposed for Elm Road, as follows:- Map L60 in favour (lower end of Elm Road from Yonder Lodge to just beyond the Surgery) Map L61 On Elm Road, the double yellow lines to cease after the entrance to French Meadow, while ensuring the vision splay of French Meadow. The lines to cease on the opposite side of Elm Road at the corner of Bank Road with Elm Road (the house name is Burntwood). Residents only parking at Victoria Cottages Council found in favour. Lines must be fine primrose yellow in colour suitable for the Conservation Area. Map L62 is not required as Council was not in favour of the running the lines up beyond French Meadow and Burntwood.

11 July - Re-opening Penn Parish Play Areas

The Parish Council's play areas at Knotty Green, Gomms Wood Close, Winchmore Hill and Chancellors have re-opened. Please follow the instructions on the signs and be kind and considerate to other users.

23 June - Parish Councillor for Knotty Green required

A Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor for Knotty Green has arisen. Please contact the Clerk if you are interested. Notice of Vacancy

22 June - Amersham Parking Reviw, Statutory Consultation phase - closing date for comments 17 July 2020

The proposals have been through informal consultation with local residents, businesses, schools and other interested parties. Transport for Bucks have taken on board the feedback they received and amended the proposals. The aim has been to find the best solution possible to local parking issues. Full details of the parking review are available on the webpage:-

Closing date for comments on the proposals is 17 July 2020. To comment either fill in the online form, or email TfB on or write to:- Network Improvement Team, Buckinghamshire Council, Corrib Industrial Park, Griffin Lane, Aylesbury, HP19 8BP.

22 June 2020 - Update - Clean up Knotty Green Cricket Club/Recreation Area

The site is now open again for reacreational use. Please note the play equipment remains off limits. Please follow the government guidlines on safe use of outdoor spaces.

12 June 2020 - Parish Council Opening Hours

The Parish office will be closed from Tuesday 16th June - Friday 19th June inclusive. The email box will not be monitored during this period. In case of emergencies please call 07429 204533

5 June 2020 - Update - Clean up starts following Traveller Encampment, Knotty Green Cricket Club

The clean up has started at Knotty Green Cricket Club and Recreation Ground. The litter bins have been emptied today and the Recreation Ground has been litter picked. I am afraid both sites will need to remain closed until the sites can been cleansed of human waste. Bucks Council contractors have appraoched.

4 June 2020 - Update - Unauthorised Traveller Encampment, Knotty Green Cricket Club

Baliffs instructed by Penn Parish Council are at the Knotty Green Cricket Club. We expect the travellers to leave the site later today, Thursday 4th June, supported by the local police.

3 June 2020 - Update - Unauthorised Traveller Encampment, Knotty Green Cricket Club

I can confirm that because of the urgency in dealing with this group of travellers at Knotty Green, Penn Parish Council has instructed a team of our agents to go to the location to complete a Welfare Report and to serve the necessary Notices. Those Notices require the travellers to leave with all their belongings by 6pm this evening, Wednesday 3rd June, failing which agents will return to evict them. Please continue to report any incidents of concern to the Local Police on telephone number 101 quoting refernce URN 1168 dated 2 June 2020

3 June 2020 - Unauthorised Traveller Encampment, Knotty Green Cricket Club

The Knotty Green Cricket Pitch and Recreation Grounds are closed until further notice owing to the presence of travellers on this site. For your own safety, please do not enter either site, even to walk. If there is an incident involving these travellers, please report your concerns to Thames Valley Police by telephone 101 and quoting URN 1168 dated 2 June 2020. Penn Parish Council was told on 2 June, the statutory threshold for the Police to evict the travellers has not been met. Police are continuing to monitor the site. The Parish Council assisted by Bucks Council has instructed bayliffs to commence proceedings to evict the travellers from the Cricket Pitch which is a registered Village Green.

Penn Parish Council, Coronavirus response - Get help if you’re staying at home because of coronavirus

Use this service to find volunteer groups and other services in your local area who can help you cope. Click HERE

Buckinghamshire councils lift all parking charges and restrictions to support communities during Coronavirus outbreak

All council car park charges and on-street parking restrictions have been lifted from 27th March across Buckinghamshire. The five existing councils have taken the unprecedented step to help support communities, key workers and volunteers during the Coronavirus outbreak. The changes will mean all council car parks across the county will be completely free to use and all parking restrictions lifted. This includes parking on yellow lines, limited waiting areas and in pay and display bays. Residents permits will also be extended by a month. Restrictions on disabled parking will however remain in force. Parking officers will continue patrolling the main routes, car parks, and residential areas to help deal with any obstructions to support emergency services, key workers, essential food deliveries and residents. If any vehicle does cause an obstruction, officers will attempt to locate the owner via the permits database so that the vehicle can be moved to a safer place. If owners can't be located, vehicles will be towed to the nearest safe position. This will only be used as a last resort and will be to relocate vehicles, not remove them completely. Some car parks are closed overnight, so please check the following link for further details. Chiltern Area

All Parks Closed - 23/03/20

All Country Parks are currently closed in order to enforce social distancing All other standalone children’s play areas (any not in a Country Park) are also closed.

Penn Parish Council, Corona Virus response - Village Care voluteer drivers required

Penn and Tylers Green Village Care will during the Corona Virus emergency continue to provide a service to our clients, unless they have Corona Virus in their household or are in self isolation. Village Care will also provide an additional emergency delivery service for housebound people in the Village, who should ring 01494 816909 between the hours of 10 am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday, at least a day before the requirement. In view of the spread of Corona Virus and NHS recommendations, we urgently want to recruit new drivers in case any of our volunteers need to isolate themselves. If you think you could help us and can spare a few hours a month we’d love to hear from you. If you are interested, please phone Rob Hadden on 01494 817893

Penn Parish Council, Corona Virus response - Parishoners requiring assistance

During the Corona Virus emergency the parish office will continue to be open to our parishoners, unless they have Corona Virus in their household or are in self isolation. Penn Parsih Council will also provide an additional emergency contact number, in case parishoners require assistance outside office hours. In the first instance, please phone the Clerk on 07429 204533.

CANCELLED Local Parish Council Elections -7th May 2020

The Parish Council election due to take place on 7th May 2020 have been postponed until May 2021, owing to the imapct of the Corona Virus.

Renovation of Knotty Green Play Area, Knotty Green

RTC Safety Surfaces has won the tender to replace two wet-pour play surfaces at the Knotty Green Recreation Area. The work is expected to take place in Spring 2020. The area under the Supernova ring unit and the enclosed Infant Play Area will be closed for up to 1 week while work takes place.

Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL comes into effect for planning permissions granted after 17 February 2020. The money raised will be used to fund infrstructure projects. A portion will go to the Parish to be spent on local priorities. Broadly, it will be charged on most new houses and extensions at the rate of £150/sqm, though there are exceptions for social housing developments and self-build and a lower rate for businesses. So for a new 100sqm house or extension the CIL charge will be £15,000. Where CIL is less than £200,000 it is payable 60 days after work starts, where it is more than £200,000 it is payable in 4 equal instalments. Forms and an excel calculator tool are available online from Chiltern District Council.

Proposed Parking Scheme in Penn and Penn Street - Restrictions planned on various roads

The consulation period closed on 14 January 2020. Transport for Bucks is considering the responses and we are told this will take two months.

Buckinghamshire Council, announces new Community Boards

Penn Parish will be part of the Beaconsfield Chepping Wye Community Board it has been announced. The first Community Board meeting will take place in June/July 2020. Meeting dates have yet to be announced.

Penn Parish Council comments on emerging Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' Local Plan 2036

Penn Parish Council says the Local Plan 2036 is a 'hobson's choice' and proposals for Green Belt release at Holmer Green, Green Belt boundary changes and infill develeopment have not been properly consulted on. Procedural irregularities mean it should be re-submitted following proper consultation, or otherwise special weight given to comments to address the deficits. Click here

Penn Parish Council comments on emerging Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' Local Plan

Penn Parish Council has commented in advance of both Council's consideration for publication of the Local Development Scheme (LDS), April 2019-March 2022, dated April 2019.

Freedom of Information

Minutes of the main meetings are available from Meetings page of this site. Additional records are available via the Parish Clerk. Click HERE to email in the first instance