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Due to financial constraints Buckinghamshire Unitary Council are examining ways to rationalise spending so that they can concentrate on their core statutory responsibities.

A proposal has been tabled to offer to devolve a set of services linked mainly to Highways and allied services.

It has been suggested that a further annual allocation of funds would be made available to allow parishes to undertake the proposed devolved services. It is suggested that parishes could link up with other councils to benifit from costs of scale. With this in mind we have held preliminary discussions and took on Tier 1 Grass Cutting Services in 2015-16.

The services proposed for devolution WITHIN 30MPH LIMITS are:
  1. Grass Cutting - Urban
  2. Weed Spraying
  3. Road signs - Maintenance
  4. Potholes - Reporting
  5. Hedges - Cutting council owned
  6. Hedges - Serving of notices
  7. Footpaths - Clearing vegetation
  8. Footpaths - Siding out
  9. Public Rights of Way - Clearance

Discussions are continuing with the new Unitary authority about further devolution.

Their aim is to proceed with the further proposals for devolution from April 2021